2018: Year of Awakening the Healthy Masculine


It’s been a while since I’ve stepped back into holding HM circles. In January, I declared 2018 the year of Awakening the Healthy Masculine. I paused, I watched. I had many conversations with my communities, as the Immature Masculine rears, all day, everyday in the news.

It is BECAUSE the Immature Masculine is rearing so loudly, that it is becoming obvious to many of our communities. Especially those who may never have considered how damaging the Immature Masculine “power over” structures has been wrecking havoc on our collective experience, they are now becoming aware. They are now listening with much more open minds, ears, and dare I say, hearts. As we’ve seen more frequently, this is encouraging those beloved souls who HAVE known and suffered for such a long time (500+ years, more likely maybe even 1500 when power over societies started up), at the hands of the Immature / adolescent masculine present within all genders. 

Humanity is now becoming aware that “our” collective planetary wellness (all beings included), is in grave peril. Fear not. Be Fearless. The change starts within you, and it ripples outwards like a wave. Practice your Healthy Masculine, join a circle, ask me to support you to start your own local community circle.

It’s time. We are being called. 2018 is the year of that is Awakening the Healthy Masculine.

I took a train to Edinburgh this week. I got to the station and it said “cancelled”. There was an older women who could hardly carry her bag. She was confused by what to do. We were re-routed, and we all got on a bus to another train station; I sat next to her, not sure if she understood where she was going; I quickly learned that she didn’t speak English well.

She could barely walk, nor hold her bag. She had been dropped off by a family member, but the train was cancelled, so she was alone. She couldn’t life her bag off the bus. It wasn’t noticeable, unless I was paying attention. I gestured that I could help her with her bag; she seemed nervous but willing for the help. I was in a rush to catch my re-directed train to get to a meeting 10 hours away. I walked slowly with her shuffling along from the bus to the train station, and brought her to the counter. I spoke to the attendant, got her ticket changed, and brought her to the station. I sat her down, and handed her bag to her. He sighed, she rested into the bench knowing her train would arrive in 24 minutes. She said god bless. I repeated god bless. I found my train, sat down and felt proud of myself for being present to someone else’s needs, beyond my own hurry, worry and re-direction in a foreign country where I now live.

I didn’t need to rescue her. And, she needed support, as an elder in this world. The family who dropped her off likely said the same prayer I did as I left her: 

“please, could someone support her to get to her plane, and arrive safely home?”

I caught that unheard prayer, and I sent it out again. And I thanked those who care for my mother and father, while I am not around to do so myself.

THIS is my Healthy Masculine.
THIS is my practice.
THIS is how I change myself.
THIS is how I co-mentor — by listening, reflecting, sharing, and learning as we grow.

I don’t ‘teach’, I invite — by holding a safe, vulnerable and structured space, guided by my own fearlessness, my own heart Center, honour all of our experiences, and standing present to witness the healing.

Let the healing begin.
Share positive stories.
Start your own circles.

If you would like support to start up your own local Healthy Masculine Circle, contact me. And please support those who hold such circles with an energy exchange that you both agree to (eg: gift economy).

It’s time to Awaken the Healthy Masculine, and support a reciprocal and nourishing relationship with the feminine.

This is our year — Be your Healthy Masculine.

Be Well,



Golden Opportunity to Practice your Healthy Masculine

The political divisions in the US and around the world brings us ever growing awareness of our golden opportunity to practice your Healthy Masculine, and to co-mentor each other. It starts with everyone's own inner work, encouraging the light, energy & awareness of your own healthy practice, and moves outward. 

With any crisis comes opportunity for shifts in awareness. I always wonder why it takes a crisis, but here we are, witnessing increasing political divisions, and this is our opportunity to stay connected.

Join a Healthy Masculine group to encourage the awakening awareness in your community. This is another call to remember & practice your Healthy Masculine.

See the Healthy Masculine Resources page for support, and start/continue to co-mentor each other in this awakening within you, within us.



Leaders Who Show up in Their Fullness

Obama's thank you to, and honouring of, Ellen DeGeneres is a top example of the Healthy Masculine. Regardless of your politics or whether you feel/think Obama was a ‘good’ president or not, we need more leaders like Obama who show up in their fullness - within their position of authority - and mentor us to do the same, simply by gracefully being in their fullness (Sovereign, Warrior, Magician and/or Lover). 

I shook Obama’s hand at a rally in 20012 in Boulder Colorado, and I felt - and was in awe of - his presence. When society witnesses a mature leadership model like Obama, it shifts the way we are, how we act, and who we become; we all gain by being in the presence of mature leadership role models. 

Unfortunately, the upcoming US presidency demonstrates classic signs of the immature masculine (the tyrant, the detached manipulator, the know-it-all trickester, the impotent lover, and the bully, to name a few). This is an important time in human history, and it is the best moment to listen, find, and practice your inner Healthy Masculine, while co-mentoring with each other. 

The immature masculine within western society will get very loud as it is in its final hours of adolescence, before it matures as we birth into a new age of Healthy Masculine.

Join your deeper selves, and join others in an exploration of your Healthy Masculine. Re-member, re-skill and co-mentor each other. Practice your Healthy Masculine. Learn to be keenly aware of its immature sides within you. This will guide the healing that is coming to western society, as we create more positive presence in our families, friendships, and communities.



“Donal Trump and the Crisis in Masculinity”

As I witnessed more and more the immature masculine in recent US news, I came across an editorial from US based Voice Male magazine, “Donal Trump and the Crisis in Masculinity” that captures a sentiment I have been feeling:

“…By running for president, Mr. Trump gave citizens an unexpected opportunity to begin a serious discussion about contemporary masculinity. Imagine a curriculum developed in classrooms in all 50 states; dialogues on our sports fields; heart to heart talks among faith communities— a nationwide, multigenerational summit about manhood, about boys becoming men. Donald Trump’s ultimate contribution to the 2016 election may turn out to be the teachable moment before us. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we can ill afford not to begin the conversation..."

I feel too that we can ill afford to continue the conversation. Here is our opportunity to practice our Healthy Masculine. Come explore in circle.



Practice your Healthy Masculine - in community 

Intact cultures have many elders teaching by doing. Others witness the genius and emulate it, respectfully knowing that it took generations to acquire this knowledge. As Jon Young notes, Western society does not have an intact culture. I see that we do have elders, but there are not enough elders in our “villages”, our neighbourhoods, and many elders have not been taught the ancient ways of knowing, in community. So if it is up to us to relearn, co-mentor each other, how do we learn the ways of the Healthy Masculine? 

Moment by moment. With patience, in community.

For me, I need to celebrate the small victories as they give me an opening that I need to awaken my Healthy Masculine. By celebrating the small or “easy” moments where I notice when my Healthy Masculine is present, I begin to remember my practice through my felt sense experience so that when my shadow sides arise, and they do (especially when I don't even know it!), it is in that millisecond moment where I recall my felt sense that I noticed in my practice. 

One way to catch your Healthy Masculine when it arises, is to know how it feels, and what it looks like to be in your healthy masculine. Another way is in the responses you get from others: children will adore it, ask for more of it, and your lovers will soften and trust you. When you experience this, your exploration has got roots, and your ability to pull yourself, your heart, your mind, your body back into healthy alignment in the millisecond you have to notice, before old patterns take over. Some call this your reptilian brain of fight/flight/freeze, others call this your Loyal Soldiers who kept you safe when you needed it most. In that millisecond moment, know that You are alive, you made it, and don't forget to thank those human survival traits that kept you safe, but they are no longer needed, you have choice now to practice thriving through your Healthy Masculine. 

Practice your healthy Masculine - in community - and your inner knowing with become louder, and more obvious, in those millisecond moments, that awakens your exploration.



Masculine & Feminine Reunion Ceremony on Dartmoor - Autumn Equinox

What a wonderful experience of the Masculine & Feminine Reunion Ceremony on Dartmoor-Autumn Equinox. It is excellent to see and experience the ancient journey continuing, and we are remembering – in community. What a joy to feel met, in my exploration, and to witness others’ in community, in circle, on the Moor, on this ancient land.

Arriving from Canada, I can feel the Devon community hungry for these deep explorations, the ancient ways of knowing that have been forgotten. Being on this ancient land that helps us, she guides us to our remembering.

And with Schumacher College inviting Pat McCabe and Charles Eisenstein to hold these conversations and courses on the The Co-Creation: Future of the Masculine and the Feminine, this continues to inspire the field towards Healthy Masculine and Feminine ways of being.

Explore your Healthy Masculine, practice, feel into it, and share your experiences to grow the field, in your community.



Welcome, the door is open.

I can hear calls of the Healthy Masculine howling. More and more I see and hear gentle conversations in cafes, more and more circles gathering, and the seemingly increasing destructive politics around the world and social media’s constant barrage of opinions. There is a yearning, a hunger, for an awakening of the Healthy Masculine, as many have been asking and searching for this ancient knowing, and a new awakening their whole lives, especially as humans are in a state of “Great Turning”. 

The door is open. Everyone is Welcome. 

Come and explore in a multi-gendered safe space – with trust built over time, in a gently held Circle. This is a deep personal spiritual journey, in a safe, respectful reflective, community exploration.

As a foundation or a map from which to explore, readings/excerpts from the “Archetypes of the Mature Masculine” are shared and discussed, but ultimately, understanding of masculine archetypes are 'caught' through ones own experiential life. It is in the exploring, the community sharing, the listening and the practicing that we begin to 'know'.  Learning is caught, not taught, and this is an exploration, not a workshop.

Welcome, the door is open.