What a wonderful experience of the Masculine & Feminine Reunion Ceremony on Dartmoor-Autumn Equinox. It is excellent to see and experience the ancient journey continuing, and we are remembering – in community. What a joy to feel met, in my exploration, and to witness others’ in community, in circle, on the Moor, on this ancient land.

Arriving from Canada, I can feel the Devon community hungry for these deep explorations, the ancient ways of knowing that have been forgotten. Being on this ancient land that helps us, she guides us to our remembering.

And with Schumacher College inviting Pat McCabe and Charles Eisenstein to hold these conversations and courses on the The Co-Creation: Future of the Masculine and the Feminine, this continues to inspire the field towards Healthy Masculine and Feminine ways of being.

Explore your Healthy Masculine, practice, feel into it, and share your experiences to grow the field, in your community.