Obama's thank you to, and honouring of, Ellen DeGeneres is a top example of the Healthy Masculine. Regardless of your politics or whether you feel/think Obama was a ‘good’ president or not, we need more leaders like Obama who show up in their fullness - within their position of authority - and mentor us to do the same, simply by gracefully being in their fullness (Sovereign, Warrior, Magician and/or Lover). 

I shook Obama’s hand at a rally in 20012 in Boulder Colorado, and I felt - and was in awe of - his presence. When society witnesses a mature leadership model like Obama, it shifts the way we are, how we act, and who we become; we all gain by being in the presence of mature leadership role models. 

Unfortunately, the upcoming US presidency demonstrates classic signs of the immature masculine (the tyrant, the detached manipulator, the know-it-all trickester, the impotent lover, and the bully, to name a few). This is an important time in human history, and it is the best moment to listen, find, and practice your inner Healthy Masculine, while co-mentoring with each other. 

The immature masculine within western society will get very loud as it is in its final hours of adolescence, before it matures as we birth into a new age of Healthy Masculine.

Join your deeper selves, and join others in an exploration of your Healthy Masculine. Re-member, re-skill and co-mentor each other. Practice your Healthy Masculine. Learn to be keenly aware of its immature sides within you. This will guide the healing that is coming to western society, as we create more positive presence in our families, friendships, and communities.