Awakening Sustainable Communities

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Throughout my professional life, I have witnessed people and communities longing to connect with each other in supportive ways, willing to co-create their shared visions, and hungry to grow and thrive together. I help communities and organisations to cultivate the trust, safety, vulnerability and effectiveness required to make these goals a reality, and to allow deep transformation to emerge – towards community and planetary wellness.

Guided by my 15 years of global Experience in community development with individuals, communities, and organisations, I have witnessed the many faces of locally defined success and of celebration. I have also witnessed the grief, challenges and disappointments.

Awakening Action Planning 

I bring this professional experience to supporting individuals, communities and organisations to sense and respond to their visions, bringing them to life in a well-structured, yet sensitively attuned and emergent process. Through deep listening, reflection and mapping your strengths and intentions, we can align your Vision with vibrant actions — attuned with your higher purpose.

Awakening The Healthy Masculine

I offer multi-gendered circles to explore our personal and collective masculine experiences – both the immature and mature sides. Rooted in sharing, deep listening, and skillful reflection, they provide an opportunity for people of all genders to offer each other witnessing and learning, while honouring one another's experiences. A rare opportunity to harness a positive masculine presence in our families, friendships, and communities, and allow in and practice a reciprocal and nourishing relationship with the feminine.

If you feel a calling to connect, co-create, and thrive, let’s cultivate the conditions together to awaken your sustainable community.
— James Wood