Awakening Sustainable Communities

awakening Sustainable COmmunities

I have 15 years of experience working internationally for communities, governments, NGOs, First Nations, and grass-roots organisations, with an Action Reasearch Master’s degree in Sustainability and Public Policy, along with Applied Research in Social Anthropology and Community Economic Development.

I have seen the many faces of successful community organising and development. I have also witnessed challenges, disappointments, and failures that arise when innovative ideas lose their capacity, enthusiasm or focus, and begin to undermine even the most carefully-planned processes.

I bring this professional experience to facilitate Action Planning — supporting individuals, organisations and communities to sense and respond to their Visions, bringing them to life in a well-structured, yet sensitively attuned and emergent process.  

For those who seek a deeper exploration of their inner masculine experience at play in any initiative (including in day-to-day life), I also facilitate Healthy Masculine Circles, which are open to all genders. 

I look forward to supporting your dreams to thrive — towards planetary wellness.