Awakening Sustainable Communities

awakening Sustainable COmmunities

In my life, I have witnessed people longing to connect with each other in supportive ways, willing to co-create their shared visions, and hungry to thrive together. My deepest calling in life is to support spaces which cultivate the trust, safety, and vulnerability required in a group to allow deep transformative flows to emerge – towards planetary wellness.

Guided by my 15 years of global experience in community development with individuals, communities, and organisations, I have witnessed the many faces of locally defined success and of celebration. I have also witnessed the challenges, disappointments, and failures.

I bring this professional experience to facilitate Awakening Action Planning — supporting individuals, communities and organisations to sense and respond to their visions, bringing them to life in a well-structured, yet sensitively attuned and emergent process.  

I also facilitate Awakening The Healthy Masculine. These circles are open to all genders to explore our inner masculine experiences – both immature and mature sides – at play in any initiative in order to create a reciprocal and nourishing relationship with the feminine.

If you feel a calling to connect, co-create, and thrive, let’s cultivate the conditions together to awaken your sustainable community.