Your Personal Apple ASSISTANT

In the comfort of your home / office — Central Edinburgh or Online

If you have questions on how to set up your Apple products, need support to sync over iCloud, have software issues you can't resolve, or just can't get your iDevices set up they way you would like – as your personal Apple Assistant, I offer patient, supportive, hands-on care to address and resolve your specific Apple needs, in the comfort of your home or office, where you need it most.

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In the comfort of your home / Office

  • Hands-On – Personal Apple Assistant

    • Software Solutions

    • Education & Training

  • £32/Hour (£25/Hour student rate)

CEntral EDINBURGH or online

I know technology can feel complicated. That’s why I provide patient and supportive guidance, while allowing you to learn at your own pace, with your own iDevices, in your own hands.
— James: Apple Assistant

Software solutions

  • New Software installs: iOS, macOS

  • iCloud syncing: Ensure all your iDevices sync

  • Backing-up your files & Protecting your data

  • Transferring to a new Mac / iPhone / iPad / Watch

  • Apple TV & Apple Music set up

  • Advice on new & used Apple products


I am so grateful to James as my Apple Assistant. He is really knowledgable, patient and friendly and explains everything really clearly. There doesn’t seem to be anything he can’t handle.
— Tor Loram, Devon
James has been a great find, offering expert, clear, step by step guidance, all with a broad smile. Love his energy and can highly recommend.
— Pete Yeo, North Devon
James worked tirelessly on my behalf when my iMac (27-inch, Late 2012) stopped working. I need the machine for my design business, so having someone who took the problem seriously was reassuring. When he had run through all possible causes and solutions thoroughly but without success he did not abandon me. He accompanied me to Apple and argued my case. When Apple failed to find the fault, he directed me to a hardware specialist who replaced one part, the part even Apple did not consider replacing. My machine came to life and has remained perfect ever since. This was a journey I could not have navigated without James and his in-depth knowledge and perseverance. To replace the machine would have cost me in the region of £1,600 so he saved me money too. Thank you, James.
— Steve Dooley, Devon
James is patient and responsive to my Apple needs, always offering supportive hints & solutions to my barriers. Technology is becoming so complicated, and James guides us through the challenges making us feel like we are learning as we progress, even though we hardly understand all this tech.
— Chagford, Devon
James has been so helpful for our family, linking up all our devices together. Now we have a consistent happy Apple family! He is extremely thorough in his examination of any problems and his perseverance is indefatigable, investigating the issue until it’s resolved. If you want someone who is trustworthy, dependable and reliable — James is your man!
— Roger Ash-Wheeler, Devon