My only way in & through our current planetary crisis - the Great Turning - is to see the Opportunities to practice our highest selves, especially within the current dying immature masculine era.

Stay positive:
Know that the immature Masculine is in its last stand - which gets loud before its final breath. It's too obvious now; its completely exposed. Healing will come, soon. 

Stay practiced:
It's Time for us all to practice our Healthy Masculine; and gently Encourage all genders to be curious

Stay Gentle:
In particular with those who may not have yet been introduced to Healthy Masculine practices - the need is so obvious & exposed now, others will be become more curious.

Stay Honest:
We know the planet is in crisis; we have all been grieving; We know the fear, the danger is real; we have seen and still feel the centuries old barbaric immature masculine; Yes, there is fear, yes this is 'old', centuries old, ways of beings, and ... communities are aware, aware of what has been silenced, and of what is rebirthing.

Stay Proud:
Now is our opportunity to practice & light up our Healthy Warrior selves; especially on all Social Media, in our families, with our friends, and our 'enemies'. Keep putting out POSITIVE postings about What IS working in ourselves, and in our communities. 

Stay True:
Be your Mature Sovereign self (King/Queen), co-mentoring everyone you meet; moment by moment. We are becoming our Sovereign selves, again.

Stay Practiced:
Start your own Healthy Masculine community group, or join others. Co-Mentor in Every moment.

Be Well.