I can hear calls of the Healthy Masculine howling. More and more I see and hear gentle conversations in cafes, more and more circles gathering, and the seemingly increasing destructive politics around the world and social media’s constant barrage of opinions. There is a yearning, a hunger, for an awakening of the Healthy Masculine, as many have been asking and searching for this ancient knowing, and a new awakening their whole lives, especially as humans are in a state of “Great Turning”. 

The door is open. Everyone is Welcome. 

Come and explore in a multi-gendered safe space – with trust built over time, in a gently held Circle. This is a deep personal spiritual journey, in a safe, respectful reflective, community exploration.

As a foundation or a map from which to explore, readings/excerpts from the “Archetypes of the Mature Masculine” are shared and discussed, but ultimately, understanding of masculine archetypes are 'caught' through ones own experiential life. It is in the exploring, the community sharing, the listening and the practicing that we begin to 'know'.  Learning is caught, not taught, and this is an exploration, not a workshop.

Welcome, the door is open.