It’s been a while since I’ve stepped back into holding HM circles. In January, I declared 2018 the year of Awakening the Healthy Masculine. I paused, I watched. I had many conversations with my communities, as the Immature Masculine rears, all day, everyday in the news.

It is BECAUSE the Immature Masculine is rearing so loudly, that it is becoming obvious to many of our communities. Especially those who may never have considered how damaging the Immature Masculine “power over” structures has been wrecking havoc on our collective experience, they are now becoming aware. They are now listening with much more open minds, ears, and dare I say, hearts. As we’ve seen more frequently, this is encouraging those beloved souls who HAVE known and suffered for such a long time (500+ years, more likely maybe even 1500 when power over societies started up), at the hands of the Immature / adolescent masculine present within all genders. 

Humanity is now becoming aware that “our” collective planetary wellness (all beings included), is in grave peril. Fear not. Be Fearless. The change starts within you, and it ripples outwards like a wave. Practice your Healthy Masculine, join a circle, ask me to support you to start your own local community circle.

It’s time. We are being called. 2018 is the year of that is Awakening the Healthy Masculine.

I took a train to Edinburgh this week. I got to the station and it said “cancelled”. There was an older women who could hardly carry her bag. She was confused by what to do. We were re-routed, and we all got on a bus to another train station; I sat next to her, not sure if she understood where she was going; I quickly learned that she didn’t speak English well.

She could barely walk, nor hold her bag. She had been dropped off by a family member, but the train was cancelled, so she was alone. She couldn’t life her bag off the bus. It wasn’t noticeable, unless I was paying attention. I gestured that I could help her with her bag; she seemed nervous but willing for the help. I was in a rush to catch my re-directed train to get to a meeting 10 hours away. I walked slowly with her shuffling along from the bus to the train station, and brought her to the counter. I spoke to the attendant, got her ticket changed, and brought her to the station. I sat her down, and handed her bag to her. He sighed, she rested into the bench knowing her train would arrive in 24 minutes. She said god bless. I repeated god bless. I found my train, sat down and felt proud of myself for being present to someone else’s needs, beyond my own hurry, worry and re-direction in a foreign country where I now live.

I didn’t need to rescue her. And, she needed support, as an elder in this world. The family who dropped her off likely said the same prayer I did as I left her: 

“please, could someone support her to get to her plane, and arrive safely home?”

I caught that unheard prayer, and I sent it out again. And I thanked those who care for my mother and father, while I am not around to do so myself.

THIS is my Healthy Masculine.
THIS is my practice.
THIS is how I change myself.
THIS is how I co-mentor — by listening, reflecting, sharing, and learning as we grow.

I don’t ‘teach’, I invite — by holding a safe, vulnerable and structured space, guided by my own fearlessness, my own heart Center, honour all of our experiences, and standing present to witness the healing.

Let the healing begin.
Share positive stories.
Start your own circles.

If you would like support to start up your own local Healthy Masculine Circle, contact me. And please support those who hold such circles with an energy exchange that you both agree to (eg: gift economy).

It’s time to Awaken the Healthy Masculine, and support a reciprocal and nourishing relationship with the feminine.

This is our year — Be your Healthy Masculine.

Be Well,