Awakening Action planning

Listening, catching the enthusiasm, creating an Action Plan, and supporting change is the ground on which Vision grows.

James is a practiced Community and Organisational facilitator. Through deep listening, reflection and mapping your strengths and intentions, James holds the creative space for you to “sense and respond” in order to align your Vision with vibrant actions — attuned with your higher purpose. With his strength based (ABCD) and Community Economic Development (CED) approaches, he supports you to put into action your thoughts and dreams, while modeling the rooted energy of staying grounded, and the vital and expansive energy of being open and responsive to the emergent nature of any initiative.

Supporting Responsive and Effective Actions

I experience people as passionate and curious, and we love to learn and grow. So I ensure that actions attend to the full spectrum of the cycle of learning: Observe, Reflect, Plan, Act. In this cycle, outcomes are less about achieving pre-determined goals, and more about creating a responsive and effective space to act. I have learned that effective Action Planning (as well as Project Management and Organisational Development) is founded in spaces that provides an environment of safety, trust and vulnerability required for deep creativity and flow — while remaining organized and oriented by aligned purpose.

When you invite James to work with you

To begin any planning journey, I start by listening, catching your enthusiasm and grounding the process by offering reflections of what I've heard – this supports your journey and your vision to be held with careful attention in order to build actions that are responsive.

Within and between these growing cultural foundations, we begin to create your Action Plans. As implementation begins, guided by a clear path forward, I support your 'cycle of learning' which fuels the change process and responds to your emergent intentions. In this way, the outcomes are best aligned with your deepest visions.

My work with people is inspired by my experience in Natural Horsemanship which teaches ways to sense & respond by embodying practices in non-verbal cues, creating a supportive environment for effective group leadership.
— James Wood

Pricing – an Energy Exchange:

  • Initial 30 minute Consultation – Free of any cost so that we can discuss your hopes and needs at a base level. 
  • £25–£40/hr sliding scale thereafter.

My rates vary depending on your size, structure, and economic circumstances. Trust and great relationships are important to me. That is why, at the outset of our partnership, we will have a discussion about what feels like a good fit for both parties, make an agreement, and we will review and update that agreement as our work progresses.

There are many ways we can support each other's wellbeing via monetary/non-monetary value, in both the short- and long-term.